About Trail-Gear

Trail-Gear operates with three things in mind: Purpose, Mission, and Vision.


To design, develop and distribute off road products that promote and inspire our customers' off road adventures wherever that may be.


To make our products available worldwide. Our products will always be affordable, high quality and ready to ship.


Our products become the world's standard and first choice in the off-road market by always giving our best effort as a company to our fellow employees and to our customers before and after their purchase.

About Trail-Gear

Trail-Gear, Inc. is a globally recognized leader in design, manufacturing and distribution of off-road products for hardcore rock crawlers, racers and trail enthusiasts. With a stable of over 2,000 products for Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan and Jeep vehicles as well as builder parts and universal products, our vision is to be the world’s standard and first choice in the off-road market through our dedication to superior quality, service and value.

Trail-Gear employees live and breathe the core values and culture that keep Trail-Gear growing year after year. The values and culture are a direct result of the family of owner’s belief and passion to make a good company into a great company for their employees and their customers. This is a continuous effort that never stops at Trail-Gear. Improvement is always possible!

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